There’s a lot that can be learned in a week. …. Or even two.

As I sit here soaking in hot water I’ve been given a chance to reevaluate some pain. ¬†Funny how hot water makes you remember pain. It seems to me that a person with pure love experiences so much hate from others. You never know in loving people how much their pain has affected them. You think going into any relationship that no matter what that person might have previously experienced that you standing true to being the best you possibly can be would be enough for them to forget about their past and just give you a try, for who you are. To not hold in their sub conscious the pain and agony of past relationship unfairly to you. Seems logical and so simple right? Right, I wish I could say it’s that easy but then I wouldn’t be completely honest with myself or you. The brain and heart are the two most valuable things to ever waste in life. Sure it’s people out here that don’t know how to honor that but there are people out here that actually do. It would be very unfair to you to let some past or even current relationships stop you from ever giving it one more shot. Because at that moment when you stop trying you start dying and I don’t think becoming the walking dead is appealing. There’s no formula to find out who’s really real except keep trying….. How would you ever know if you never take the risks. Give yourself the proper time to heal and process what you learned then after the dust settles get back up and try again and again and again.